Directory of Institutions Providing Services For Persons With Multiple Disabilities In India

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As per the Census report of 2001-2011, a total number of 26,810,557(2.21%) persons are living with various type of disabilities in India, of them 14,986,202 (2.21%) are male and remaining 11,824,355 (2.01%) are female. A total number of disability persons, 18,631,921 (2.24%) are living in rural area, and rest of 8, 78,636 (2.17%) are living in urban areas. Among the various type of disabilities persons, there are 2,116,487 (7.9%) persons living with Multiple Disabilities, of them 1,162,604 (7.8%) are male rest of 953,883(8.1%) are female. The above mentioned statistics report clearly shows that a total number of population, 26,810,557 persons living with various type of disabilities, of them 2,116,487 persons have been affected with multiple disabilities. Hence, to assist the disabilities persons to get the service for improving their life style by referring them to various organization working for persons with multiple disabilities across India, National Institute for Empowerment of Person with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) has prepared a directory by undergoing a research on ‘‘Institutions Providing Services for Person with Multiple Disabilities in India’’ with main objective of Identify and categorize the institutions which working for person with multiple disabilities in India. For undergoing this research , information of the organizations about the service offering to persons with multiple disabilities, type of disabilities to which the service are provided, type of vocational trainings are imparted, human resources for handling the person with multiple disabilities, facilities for accommodation in organization, level of treatment is being provided to person with disabilities and other necessary information have been collected by duly filed in questionnaire from about 399 organization from across the country. This Directory (first part) will be very useful to the professionals who are working in Government, Private Sectors and NGOs to assist the disabilities persons by referring them to the organization which offer services to Person with Multiple Disabilities.


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Last updated on 30thNovember 2023