This Institute provides assessment and evaluation covering case history, physical and medical examination, intellectual and developmental assessment, special educational assessment, therapeutic needs assessment and vocational assessment. A program plan made for home based training and demonstrations are given to parents for carrying out the skill training or therapy program for home management.

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physiatric Intervention The Clients were clinically examined for their nature, extent and causes of disability in the department of physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Following the medical examination, medicines are prescribed if needed and the clients are referred to other specialists for further investigation and rehabilitation. Medical & Genetic counseling, referrals for psychological, therapeutic and special education inputs were also provided. This department has the units of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics & Orthotics Material development unit and sensory integration, provides services for persons with Multiple Disabilities. Besides Medical Services therapeutic services are also provided through the department to make the clients mobile and independent through exercises, electro and sensory integration therapies and by providing various aids and appliances including artificial limbs. The main objective of the department is to make "life in the years" of the clients and the focus is on training the parents in doing exercises and activities to help their child with disability.

Physiotherapy Unit

Physiotherapy service Physiotherapy unit provides services for clients with Cerebral Palsy, developmental disabilities and other clients with orthopaedic disabilities. This unit aims at improving functions and developing activities of daily living. clients are assessed for the function of musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and they are provided with age appropriate goals which are concerned with achieving and restoration of functions. These goals are reviewed periodically and new goals are set to achieve greater function. The clients are provided with regular follow-up and consultation. Neuro developmental therapy, Rood's Approach, Temply Fay's approach and other exercise protocols are given to the clients. Equipments like therapy ball, Prone wedge, curb and ramps, wall ladders are used to provide physiotherapy.

Occupational Therapy unit

Occupational therapy service Occupational therapy unit caters to the needs of persons with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other developmental disabilities. Goals of the therapy is to improve the functional abilities of the client, including both gross motor and fine motor skills, achieving developmental mile stones, enhancing the cognitive-perceptual abilities and activities of daily living. All clients are subjected to initial evaluation, followed by goal setting and treatment implementation. Progress of the client is regularly observed and documented. Neuro developmental therapy, Rood's approach, play therapy and sensory integration are provided as modes of therapy. Sensory Integration services are provided to clients with Pervasive developmental disorders such as Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Equipments such as therapy ball, supportive and adaptive devices, hand function tools, sensory integration equipments are being utilized for client service. Splints and adaptive devices are prescribed for the clients. Fitted splints are regularly checked for their being suitable and the wearing schedule. Maintenance of splints is also explained to the clients and the parents.

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