Description of Administrative Chart

Organisational Chart

Flowchart shows the organization structure with President of General Council at the top. The Chairman of Executive Council reports to the President of General Council. The Director reports to the Chairman of Executive Council.

There are two departments namely Administration and Services & Programmes. The Accounts Officer, Inform & Doc. Officer and four Program Assistants of the administration department report to the Director. Following are the Program Assistants who report to the Director:

  • Program Assistant (Estt)
  • Program Assistant (Stores & Purchase)
  • Program Assistant (Estate)
  • Program Assistant (Academics)

The PA (Accts) and PA (Cash & Bill) report to the Accounts Officer and the Attender reports to the Program Assistant (Estt).

The Associate Professors, Lecturers, Rehabilitation Officers and Special Teachers of Different sub departments of Servies & Programmes department report to the Director. Following are the six sub departments in the Servies & Programmes department:

  • Department of Medical Science (MS)
  • Department of Clinical Psychology (Clinic. Psych)
  • Department of Special Education. (Spl.Edn)
  • Department of Adult Independent Living. (AIL)
  • Department of Speech Hearing & Communication. (SH & C)
  • Department of Therapeuatics
  • Department of Social Work (SW)