Individuals with Deafblindness: Perception Analysis

Perception Analysis

Perception analysis of individuals with deafblindness is an attempt to understand their unique world. The attempt of exploring their unique world includes perceptions of individuals with deafblindness about the environment, people and experiences; perceptions of parents about their child with deafblindness on their experiences of rearing the child; The siblings of individuals with deafblindness were also interacted to understand their perceptions about their brother or sister with deafblindness; Perceptions of professionals working with population of deafblindness were also collected and analysed. The attempt is limited to the data collected hence the information may be explored for making assumptions for further study. This book shall be useful for those with intent to develop basic understanding about deafblindness and their perceptions for creating effective environment for people with deafblindness. The contributors of this book were selected based on their vast experience in the field of deafblindness in India.


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Last updated on 24thNovember 2023