Book on Deafblindness


The book on deafblindness contains 50 pages with information on signs and symptoms of deafblindness, early signs of identification and the significance of early interventions. The contents are explained in a very simple language enabling parents, professionals, administration, students to understand the basic information about deafblindness. Life span activities for persons with deafblindness have been covered like during the age- birth to 3 years, focus on early intervention; from the age of 3 years to 14 years- Special education/ Inclusive Education and 14 + years aboot pre vocational and vocational skills training with examples are explicit for parents and teachers. The chapters are drawn from the article published by the stalwarts in the field of deafblindness. It is been referred that there are about 4,50,000 persons with deafblindness, in our country. Very few organizations are now catering services to this category of disability. Nonetheless, it is gaining momentum, parents and professionals realize the need of special training to this group, so also the human resource training is alo geared up to train teachers to provide appropriate services. We acknowledge the contribution made by Ms. Beroz Vacha, Shri. Akhil Paul, Ms. Sampada Shevde, Dr. Namita Jacob and many others in the field of deafblindness whom the authors have interacted and shared their experiences in the book. This book is an outcome of our Secretary’s guidance about deafblindness to create the technical knowhow to various stake holders. We hope that this book will serve the purpose- kindle interest and inspiration among parents, professionals, teachers, administrators to serve persons with deafblindness and provide them a good quality of life.


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Last updated on 30thNovember 2023