Resilience Headway Siblings of children with special needs: A Manual

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A training manual for building Resilience is designed to be used among Siblings of children with Special Needs aged 12 to 25 years. This manual facilitates Special Educators, Therapists, and Rehabilitation Professionals involved in providing services to the Persons with Disabilities. The manual discusses about the skills required for Resilience building; Siblings who are born normal and face disability posed challenges throughout their life as their siblings are special needs. Building resilience among them to accept the individual differences, face the challenges with confidence, select their life goals wisely where they also give space for their sibling, build strong self-esteem, enhance character strengths, show confidence, ability to understand different modes of communication, maintain balanced emotions, coping up life challenges and stress by self, special sibling and family. Bounce back in life and create opportunities in the society, where they and their special sibling also lead a life with dignity, leading positive adaptation towards life gracefully by providing a new outlook in the society, build resilience levels for them in the long run. Which creates strong base to move with confident and joy?


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Last updated on 24thNovember 2023