Progress Without Disclaimer:On The Right Track (Rpwd))

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This book presents as a comprehensive guide on fundamental rights and its applicability to Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). The first fundamental right, Right to equality and equal protection of law is extensively applicable to individuals with disabilities as well. However, the said right needs certain amendments to make it more specific to individuals with disabilities. The second one being Right to Profession states that individuals with disabilities are to be given the right to carry out and engage in any profession of their choice. No discrimination can be made on the ground of disability in profession. The third right, Right to Education elucidates that this right is basic for every child including those with disabilities. The fourth right is crucialas it talks about Dignified Life for individuals with disabilities. The next right is considered as one of the important rights for PWDs because this right prohibits forced labour, cruelty and other inhuman treatment against such persons.

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Last updated on 24th June 2024