The persons with Multiple Disabilities have equal rights to lead a better quality of life. This may be enabled with committed professionalism, accessible environment, equal opportunities, positive attitudes and appropriate, affordable, acceptable and available technological interventions.


To provide need based comprehensive rehabilitation through team approach facilitating inclusion, ensuring empowerment of persons with Multiple Disabilities and their families and by substantiating field based research and development of human resources.


Promoting quality of life for persons with Multiple Disabilities, through equal participation of clients, families, professionals and community agencies.


  • To undertake development of human resources for management, training rehabilitation, education, employment and social development of persons with Multiple Disabilities.
  • To promote and conduct research in all areas relating to Multiple Disabilities.
  • To develop Transdisciplinary models and strategies for social rehabilitation and to meet the needs of diverse groups of people with Multiple Disabilities.
  • To undertake services and outreach programs for the persons with Multiple Disabilities.

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Last updated on 23rd July 2024