Research and Development

R & D Activities

To empower persons with Multiple Disabilities, following research activities are planned

  • Models of service delivery appropriate assistive devices.
  • Curriculum development in training and development of training material and manuals including development of computer software.

This Institute completed a research study, entitled "Enabling Early Detection and Prevention of Disabilities - Report of an Impact Study Conducted in Tamil Nadu". The study was conducted in the following districts of Tamil Nadu comprising of 200 samples: Coimbatore, Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Erode, Namakkal and Nilgiris. The results reported that creating awareness on prevention and early detection of disability had made a significant impact on grass-root level workers and the mothers. The study was also published in the 'Indian Journal of Social Work', Volume 70, Issue 1, January 2009.

Ongoing Research Studies

The following are the ongoing research projects that are undertaken by the faculty of different departments. Biochemical and Neuro-diagnostic Profile of Clients with Multiple Disabilities - the research aims to explore the biochemical abnormalities, genetic or chromosomal aberrations, precursors during antenatal, intra natal or post natal stages; brain damage, pathology in the levels of neuro-transmitters, leading to the causes of multiple disabilities.

Study of Sleep Patterns in Children with Multiple Disabilities and its Effect in day-to-day Functioning - intends to study the sleep patterns and the underlying causative factors for sleep disorder, which in turn would help in remediation for an effective treatment plan that can be considered essential for overall care in children with multiple disabilities.

Assessment of Ventilatory Pattern, Parameter and Intervention for Clients with Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Quadriplegia) - the purpose of this study is to throw light on the respiratory component of quadriplegic cerebral palsy and find out whether any special attention should be given for respiratory care, to develop the interventional protocol for pulmonary rehabilitation.

Existing Research activities at N.I.E.P.M.D,Chennai

Biochemical Profiling of Persons with Multiple Disabilities(2010-12)

Technology Adaption for Persons with Multiple Disabilities Having Multiple - Sensory Impairment in Skill Training Setup through Mechatronic Devices(2012-14)

Existing Service Provisions for Persons with Multiple Disabilities in India (2011-2014)

A Study on Ventilatory Pattern, Parameters and Intervention for the Clients with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy