Developing Communication - An Activity Book

Developing communication

The book comprises of the basics of Speech Language pathology from the perspective of beginners has been penned down. It has multiple chapters which has been included as a reference textbook for Rehabilitation Council of India’s Bachelor of .Audiology Speech Language Pathology Programme. This covers various chapters including the Definition of Language, Pre requisites of Language/ Pre Verbal skills, Speech & Language facilitation activities (50 Techniques used by SLPs), Graded Language Stimulation activities, Cranial Nerve Assessment and Stimulation activities, Management of Verbal Behaviours and A Novel Protocol – “Transdisciplinary Approach” for Developing Communication. Starting from the basic Pre verbal Skills for Communication to a Novel Protocol- Transdisciplinary Approach to develop communication, the activities of this book has been illustrated pictographically so as to empower the parents of children with Multiple Disabilities or Communication Disorders and for the beginners of this profession. This book also includes appendices which has a set of Topic Cards/Semantic Flash Cards which can be used to train children with communication Disorder.


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Last updated on 23rd July 2024