Kinesthetic & Vestibular activities for Developmental Disabilities

Activities for disabled

It is indeed a requirement to understand at present that the most commonly faced difficulty among population at risk is vestibular and kinesthetic perceptual difficult. It presents in various form in wide variety of conditions such as Autism, ASD, Multiple Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Learning Difficultly, Developmental Delay, etc. It is usually found in form of Apraxia, hypokinesia, hyperkinesis, coordination difficultly etc. This book is a resource for parent of population at risk and for professionals who are dealing with these conditions to develop vestibular and kinesthetic perceptual skills which not only include sensory motor performance but also various components of sensory development from grass root level. It gives basic understanding on these senses, and various home based activities to develop those skills. This book will explain procedures to plan activity under supervision to target individual components or multiple components of vestibular and kinesthetic perceptual skills.


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Last updated on 24th May 2024