Programme Checklist for Persons with Multiple Disabilities

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The appropriate assessment of children with multiple disabilities has always posed a challenge to policymakers, professionals, parents, and other stakeholders. The unique needs of individuals with various combinations like VI+ID, ID+ CP and many more and their difficulties in learning the core life skills, social, emotional, academic, and other areas are not addressed in the assessment instrument tools developed for single disabilities. The assessment tool, which was developed for training and learning the functional activities for children with single disabilities such as intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders, has its own limitations and it is unable to plan the program effectively for children with various combinations of multiple disabilities. The Programme Checklist for Persons with Multiple Disabilities – Children with multiple disabilities face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. The programme checklist is focused on areas such as core life skills, social and emotional skills, communication skills, academic skills, independent living skills, and leisure time skills. This checklist has coverage of all the aspects of assessment that are required for the special education programme for children with multiple disabilities, and it is helpful for special educators, professionals, and parents.


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Last updated on 23rd July 2024